It is 40 square meters piece of paradise which includes a separate bedroom with cupboards along one wall, a separate bathroom anda kitchen/living room area.All windows have fly/mosquito screens including the front door. All windows have shutters on the outside which close from the inside.The apartment has two Air conditioning Systems both cooling and heating which each work off a separate remotecontroller.The kitchen has a newer refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher including a cooker with double oven.There is a small storage area on the patio which has a double door with lock.The Patio is approximately 25 square meters, and faces The Island of Delos.The Beach is in front of the apartment about three to five minutes walk (depending on how fast you walk).The selling price is $199,500. The price has been greatly reduced as owner wants to buy in USA.There is no monthly maintenance as there is no body corporate. The total number of units is 10 or 11 and they all do their own maintenance.There is an approximate property tax of about 10% for the purchaser which is levied by the Town of Mykonos.Please contact me any time if you have any additional questions.